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Could Kybella Slim Your Chin

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Could Kybella Slim Your Chin
Could Kybella Slim Your Chin

You can exercise and eat right, and still see great results, but there might be a stubborn pocket of fat under your chin. There is a great injectable near Delray Beach called Kybella, and along with other injectables like Dysport and Restylane, it can go a long way toward making you feel better about yourself.

Kybella is based off a natural molecule that dissolves fat cells for good. If you exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle, but can’t get rid of that double chin, Kybella could be the drug for you. So far, it has only been FDA-approved for the fat cells under the chin. If approved though, Kybella could prove successful for destroying stubborn fat cells in other locations of the body. Consult your plastic surgeon to see if you qualify for Kybella or to learn more about other injectables like Dysport.

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