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Starting at the age of 18, your body begins losing approximately 1% of its collagen per year. Loss of collagen and collagen production over time leads to signs of aging, which includes hollowing of the temples and cheeks, as well as loss of volume around the eyes, mouth, and nasal labial folds.

These are all significant indicators of aging for both men and women. However, with Sculptra® you can reverse signs of aging and smooth away facial wrinkles, whether you have decades of collagen loss or are just starting to show early signs of aging.


Sculptra Aesthetic is a minimally invasive; FDA approved poly-L-lactic acid injectable. It helps stimulate and speed up your body’s own natural production of collagen, gradually restoring your facial volume. This leaves skin looking and feeling youthful, firm, and radiant.

Unlike other injectables, such as dermal fillers and neuromodulators that temporarily weaken and fill wrinkles, 80% of patients that underwent Sculptra treatments still saw the results two years after their last injection.

Sculptra Aesthetic treatment typically consists of two injection sessions, split up between two to three months. Once the collagen stimulator is injected deep into your facial tissue, the treated areas are thoroughly massaged distributing the poly-L-lactic acid throughout the face. Massaging the injection sites plays a large part of the post treatment care, ensuring you receive the best possible results.


Just as all bodies differ, so do treatment results. Some individuals may be hyper-responsive to Sculptra and will begin seeing their desired results after just one session. However, not all patients will see the same results in the same period of time.

Clinical studies showed that some patients began seeing full results after 5 months of their second session.  So unfortunately, there is no way to know how well your body will respond. However, Dr. Rosenstein diligently monitors each patient’s results to identify their responsiveness to the treatment.

While there is no clinical contraindication of taking blood thinning medication, try to avoid them before your appointment if possible. Blood thinners typically promote significant bruising around any injection sites and, depending on the patient, bruising may take a few weeks to fade.

Sculptra Aesthetic is intended as a complete facial treatment. It was designed to help those who want a more natural solution to rejuvenating aging skin and to delay or avoid surgery. If you are looking for a “spot treatment” to treat specific problem areas, you may wish to look into other options.

Dr. Rosenstein’s consultations allow you to discuss your concerns and identify appropriate treatments according to your specific needs.


Sculptra sessions are relatively quick. Appointments are typically less than an hour long. Upon arrival, numbing cream is applied to the injection areas, which stays on for 20 minutes prior to the injections.

Once the facial tissue and muscles are completely numb, the actual procedure only takes about 20 minutes. Sculptra is injected into the face and massaged thoroughly into the face.


It is essential to follow the 5-5-5 rule after Sculptra.

  • Massage your face at the injection sites 5 minutes at a time
  • 5 times per day
  • Every day for 5 days after your treatment

This is necessary to move around the poly-L-lactic acid particles, allowing them to spread out under your skin, maximizing your results for the best outcome possible.

It is highly recommended that all physical activity be kept to a minimum after treatment. Refrain from exercising completely for 24-48 hours after a treatment, as it increases your chances of bruising and swelling.

As mentioned before, taking blood thinning medications promotes significant bruising around injection sites. So, it is recommended patients refrain from taking any 24-48 hours post treatment as well.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled 12 weeks post-treatment to evaluate individual results, as well as to discuss any questions you may have. Dr. Rosenstein then works with you to assess your satisfaction with your results and determine whether or not further treatment options may be necessary.


Once again, the 5-5-5 rule ensures the best possible results. Make sure you’re massaging the injection sites at least 5 minutes at a time, 5 minutes a day, for 5 days after treatment.

Additionally to improve your results:

  1. Alter Your Diet – Consume a high protein diet to promote collagen growth and supplement with amino acids, which are the building blocks for collagen, arginine and glutamine.
  2. Combine Sculptra with Fillers – At your 12 week follow-up, if Sculptra is not enough to give you your desired look, Dr. Rosenstein will recommend fillers, neuromodulators, or other options to enhance your results.

Sculptra is an excellent way to regain a younger appearance and reverse the clock on your natural aging process. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to look your age.

Dr. Rosenstein will develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure you look and feel your best. Call (561) 736-9800 to schedule your consultation for Sculptra in Boynton Beach today!