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A brow lift, or brow rejuvenation, is an effective procedure to give you a more vibrant, youthful look. Lifting a sagging brow softens your appearance and the results are long lasting – up to 10 to 12 years! A brow lift in Fort Lauderdale has benefits you can see and feel. Here are answers to three frequently asked questions about brow lift or rejuvenation. 


1. What is a brow lift and how is it done?


The brow lift is a surgical procedure to remove a small amount of excess skin and lift the underlying muscle to correct the furrow in the brow that makes you look old, tired, and grouchy. It even raises drooping eyebrows, putting them back in place. Your surgeon discusses your goals and the details of the procedure in advance to determine incision length and placement during the surgery. 


2. What can I expect during recovery?


Swelling and soreness for about ten days are typical after surgery. You’ll be bandaged, and you’ll need to give yourself time and rest to recover. Expect to be sleepy for a day or two from the anesthesia. Rest helps you heal optimally.  t is important to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions following a brow lift in Fort Lauderdale. Detailed instructions are given for activity, bandages, and medications.


3. How soon will I see results of my brow lift in Fort Lauderdale?


As swelling subsides, you begin to see the changes in your look. Complete healing can take a few months, but the results are worth the time. Your more youthful, rested appearance lasts for many years following your surgery. Taking good care of yourself will help increase the length of time the lift lasts. Skin care, especially protecting it from sun damage, is important to maintaining the effect of the lift.

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