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The popular tummy tuck procedure slims the abdomen, restoring a lovely appearance to the belly and giving a boost to self confidence. Diet and exercise can reduce weight and firm muscles but do not adequately deal with the issue of belly pooch and loose skin. There are many reasons to consider a tummy tuck in Delray Beach, and here are a few.

Target Scars and Stretch Marks With a tummy tuck in Delray Beach

If you’ve had abdominal surgery or delivered a baby by cesarean section, a tummy tuck can target the scarred areas while also improving the abdomen. Or perhaps pregnancy or weight fluctuations have made stretchmarks an issue. A tummy tuck can target these issues for a more flattering appearance. 

Remove Loose Skin and Restore the Surrounding Muscles

Weight loss is a huge accomplishment and improves self confidence. But, significant weight loss may leave you with excess skin that diet and exercise cannot improve. During a tummy tuck, extra skin and fat is removed to restore the shape and appearance of the abdomen. The muscles are also repaired to improve abdominal support. 

Feel More Confident With a Tummy Tuck in Delray Beach

If you’re self conscious about the appearance of your tummy because of a persistent belly pooch or aging, sagging skin, a tummy tuck slims you, so you’ll feel more confident. You can enjoy wearing clothes that fit instead of choosing clothing to hide your belly, and feeling good about your body can to improve intimacy. 

Stop Sucking In for Photos, and Feel Good About Your Body With a Tummy Tuck From Dr. Rosenstein

With nearly 30 years of experience offering cosmetic solutions to patients, Dr. Rosenstein’s surgical skill and technique deliver the results you desire. We listen to our patients to understand your unique needs, so you can achieve the body you’ve been wanting. If you’re wondering if a tummy tuck is right for you, contact our office today for a consultation. Call us today at (561) 736-9800, and love the way you look when you look in the mirror!