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Cosmetic surgery has helped many men and women feel more comfortable in their own skin. From facial rejuvenation to breast lifts and implants, there are many procedures to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic. The key to great results is choosing a great cosmetic surgeon in Delray Beach.

So, how do you do that? Here are 4 easy tips to follow if you want excellent results!

1. Ask People You Trust for a Recommendation

Friends, family, and even healthcare providers are valuable resources. They can lead you to skilled surgeons.

Once you have a list of providers and narrow it down based on the type of surgery you want, look for a cosmetic surgeon in Delray Beach who is board certified. They should have their credentials on their website, so you can verify their education, training, and experience.

2. Read Online Testimonials / Reviews

Look at social media pages (including comments on posts), reputable review websites, and on their own site to find insightful information about what it’s like to work with the surgeon.

3. Look at Before / After Photos

These are often available on the cosmetic surgeon’s website. Look for before / after photos of patients who have had the same procedures you want. Make sure you like their end result, and you’ll likely be happy with yours from that same surgeon as well.

4. Book a Consultation

Meeting your provider in person before your appointment is important. This allows you to get to know them better and make an informed decision on your provider. Make a list of questions you have to take with you. Be sure to ask for before / after photos if you don’t find any online. Also, ask if any of their patients who have had the same cosmetic surgery you’re interested in would be willing to speak with you about their surgery results.

Ask yourself the following questions after your consultation to help decide whether this is the right provider for you:

  • Are you comfortable talking to the provider?
  • Did they listen to you?
  • Were your questions answered?
  • Did the staff make you feel welcome?
  • Is the environment clean and safe?

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