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Discover why so many are choosing a TCA peel for facial revitalization. TCA peels are fast, non-invasive, improve a variety of skin woes and require no downtime. Here are 5 benefits of a TCA peel in Boynton Beach.

What Is a TCA Peel in Boynton Beach?

TCA stands for trichloroacetic chemical peel. The main ingredient is a derivative of vinegar, and the strength of the peel is customized just for you! A TCA peel exfoliates the skin, removing the damaged layers to reveal smoother, healthier skin.

Benefit #1: You’ll Look Refreshed and More Youthful

Getting a peel improves the appearance of lines that age your face. The peel removes the top layer of skin, and after healing, skin is firmer and brighter, and lines are noticeably reduced. You’ll love your revitalized look!

Benefit #2 Improve Skin Texture and Acne Scars 

The superior exfoliation from a TCA peel in Boynton Beach leaves your skin smoother and with more even tones. If you’ve got dark spots from healed acne blemishes, the TCA peel helps to lighten the discoloration and improve skin texture.

Benefit #3 Reduce the Appearance of Sun Damage

Ultraviolet light takes a toll on the skin. If you’ve got flat discoloration called sun spots or other sun damage, a deep exfoliation from a TCA peel may dramatically improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

Benefit #4 Improve Hyperpigmentation 

Dark spots like freckles, age spots, melasma, and more appear lightened after a TCA peel removes rough, damaged skin to reveal smoother skin with more even skin tones.

Benefit #5 It’s Excellent for Maintaining Your Youthful Look

If you’ve had other facial rejuvenation such as a face or brow lift, a TCA peel is a great choice to help maintain your youthful looking skin.

Find Out If a TCA Peel Is Right For You!

Dr. Rosenstein has decades of experience offering men and women surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions that truly work. If you’re looking to turn back the clock and revitalize your skin, talk to us today about the benefits of a TCA peel in Boynton Beach. For a consultation, call us at 561-736-9800.