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Moles, or dark raised spots growing on the skin, can be removed for aesthetic reasons, or if they appear suspicious, your dermatologist may recommend removal. Here are some things to know about mole removal in West Palm Beach.

1. What Is the Difference Between a Mole and a Lesion?

A mole is a non-concerning skin patch. A lesion is larger, grown over time, or changed. A lesion needs additional care, such as a biopsy, which may leave scarring if not properly removed by a skilled surgeon.

2. When Should a Mole or Lesion Be Removed?

If unsightly moles bother you and negatively affect your self image, consider removal. Suspicious moles, lesions, are also typically removed and tested. Your dermatologist looks at color, size, texture, and shape when it comes to deciding if a mole is suspicious. 

3. Why Should I Choose A Cosmetic Surgeon for Mole Removal in West Palm Beach?

For any exposed area, especially on the face, consider a cosmetic surgeon for mole and lesion removal. A cosmetic surgeon uses their finesse to precisely and discreetly remove moles from skin, so you’ll look your best. 

4. What Should I Do To Prepare For Mole Removal?

Before removal, you’ll need to avoid skin irritation and protect the area from UV light. On the day of treatment, avoid applying makeup or skin products to the area.

5. How Are Moles Removed?

Mole removals are done under local anesthesia. A small blade is used to excise the mole at skin level. Then a cautery device stops the bleeding. Lesions are removed and sent for biopsy to determine if it is a skin cancer. Lesions typically require removal with a blade and then suture to close the wound.

6. What Can I Expect From Recovery Time After Mole Removal in West Palm Beach?

Because mole removal doesn’t usually require sutures, recovery time is minimal. For lesion removal with sutures, it is important to follow your doctors care instructions for bandages and sutures.

If you need a mole or a lesion removed and want to look your best, Dr. David Rosenstein has more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic procedures and can remove it safely. He listens to your concerns and seeks to understand your aesthetic goals before any procedure. To learn more, call our office at 561-736-9800 and schedule a consultation today!