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Today, breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. During a breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are used to change the shape and size of the breasts. The decision to receive breast implants is a personal one—if you are considering a breast augmentation in Boca Raton, you and your plastic surgeon will meet for a consultation to help you decide whether this treatment option is right for you and will help you achieve your desired look.

Breast Augmentation Candidacy

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, your plastic surgeon will first establish whether you are a good candidate for breast implants. Breast augmentation patients should be in good physical and mental health, with fully-developed breast tissue. You should also be close to your ideal weight, as dramatic changes in weight can affect the appearance of the breasts. Finally, patients should be aware of the achievements possible through breast augmentation surgery, as well as the limitations of breast implants so you will understand the results you will be able to achieve through cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation Considerations

When determining whether or not breast implants are right for you, it’s important to consider the results you want your surgery to produce. Breast implants can help you achieve a fuller bust, regardless of whether your breasts are naturally small or have changed in volume due to aging, pregnancy, or changes in weight. Asymmetrical or underdeveloped breasts can also be improved through the use of breast implants to create a more aesthetically-pleasing bust line that allows you to feel more confident and comfortable in many different styles of clothing. Surgeries such as breast augmentation and breast reduction can help you make positive changes to the shape and size of your bust for the body you’ve always wanted. Meeting with an experienced plastic surgeon can provide you with personalized information about these procedures to help you make the right decision about cosmetic surgery.