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Looking for a great cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale that you can absolutely trust with your procedure? Whether you desire breast augmentation, a face lift, or other surgical procedure to enhance your appearance, it is essential to find an experienced, skilled, trustworthy doctor. With approximately 17.7 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2018 and that number predicted to rise annually, cosmetic surgeons are in demand. But not all are created equal.

Here are tips for choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale.

Find your cosmetic surgeon by making sure they fit the following criteria.

Ask for referrals / Check online reviews.

Friends and family are the best place to get referrals to a great doctor. If you know someone who has had any cosmetic work done, mention that you’re looking for a referral. If they’re happy with your surgeon, hopefully they’re willing to share! You can also ask your primary care physician or other trusted healthcare provider if they can recommend a good surgeon.

After you get a referral, or especially if you haven’t gotten one, read up on online reviews before choosing your surgeon. Social media, Yelp, Google, and other review sites are a great place to find helpful information about plastic surgeons.

Choose a cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale who offers consultations.

You want to meet your surgeon before you go in for your procedure. Choose a surgeon who listens attentively to your goals for your procedure, understands exactly what you want the outcome to be, explains the procedure in detail, and answers all of your questions. Come prepared with a list of questions, which should include:

  • Inquiries about the surgeon’s qualifications, education, and training
  • Complete cost of the procedure(s), and whether they offer financing
  • Stats on surgeries performed
  • Hospital / surgical center affiliations if applicable

Follow up on questions about your candidate’s qualifications and surgery stats, as well as any other helpful information they provide.

Don’t rush into a decision.

Take your time choosing your cosmetic surgeon, and be sure you’re 100% comfortable with the doctor you choose before making your final decision. Trust your intuition, and make sure you have a great connection with the plastic surgeon. Things that can help make your decision will be whether the office was clean, how friendly and helpful the staff is, and how attentive the doctor is.

When trusting someone with your appearance, only the best will do. get the amazing results you desire With an Experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Most likely, there is no rush to choose a surgeon for your elective cosmetic surgery procedure. So take time  to follow the tips above when choosing your cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale.