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Lesion removal is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s the removal of any skin lesion or abnormal growth. Lesions can be benign (not harmful) or malignant (infectious or diseased; cancerous). If you need lesion removal in West Palm Beach, this is what you should expect. 

How Are Lesions Removed? 

There are several ways lesion removal can be done, and your doctor will determine what’s best for your situation. The most common way is by shave excision. A sharp instrument is used to cut off the growth. 

Other methods include excisional biopsy, cryotherapy or zing off the growth, photodynamic therapy (light therapy), curettage, and spooning off the growth.

Does Lesion Removal in West Palm Beach Hurt?

Your doctor will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible before lesion removal in West Palm Beach. A local anesthetic is typically used to numb the area to not only prevent pain but to raise the area for easier removal.

Does Lesion Removal Take Long?

Most procedures take around 20 minutes, though this depends on the technique your doctor chooses to use.

What Should I Expect After Lesion Removal?

No procedure is without side effects. After your lesion removal, you may experience pain, swelling, bruising. However, those symptoms are temporary and go away within a few days.

Those who smoke, have a compromised immune system, and / or have circulatory problems are at a higher risk for complications. These are rare but can include nerve damage, infection / pus discharge, intense swelling that doesn’t go away, or bleeding.

Your recovery depends on the type of removal performed, but on average it takes around one to three weeks for wounds to heal. You might only need a bandage, but in some cases stitches are needed to close the wound. 

Recovery isn’t difficult, but there are some things you should avoid. Until your doctor gives you the green light, you shouldn’t engage in strenuous activity. Make sure to ask your surgeon when it’s okay to shower or bathe. 

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