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MENTOR Breast Implants – Why We Love Them!

So, what is the secret to beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation? Safe surgery, appropriate expectations, and working within the constraints of your anatomy? Yes! Looking for the right implant? Look no further than MENTOR® breast implants, available in MemoryShape® and MemoryGel.® MENTOR implants safely provide the natural look and feel you’ll love.

Innovative MENTOR Implants Mimic Natural Shape and Feel of the Breast for Full, Youthful Appearance

Unlike traditional round implants, MemoryShape and MemoryGel implants are designed to mimic the silhouette of a breast and deliver fullness and firmness. Regardless of your augmentation motivation, MENTOR implants are made to deliver the look and feel you expect. Whether you are restoring the youthfulness to your breasts or enhancing the size, the design of the implant provides the most natural look and feel, and the absolute best results.

MemoryShape implants are teardrop shaped, thinner above with a gentle slope for fullness near the base, for a natural breast silhouette. With most implants, the breast typically shapes the implant. With MemoryShape however, the implant shapes the breast for a more natural look.

MemoryGel implants are available in multiple profile options, including classic, moderate plus, high, and ultra high, allowing you to choose how much you’d like your implants to project from the chest wall. They are made with MENTOR’s proprietary silicone gel, and filled to the appropriate volume for a uniformed, traditional look.

There’s no need to know exactly which product or which profile you want before calling or coming for an appointment. Dr. Rosenstein will work with you to determine your implant goals and recommend the best product for you.

Rest Assured With MENTOR’s Promise Protection Plan, the Best & Most Comprehensive Implant Warranty

As a worldwide leader in aesthetics, MENTOR offers safe implant products that are FDA approved. They are backed by the industry’s leading warranty and MemoryGel implants are the only gel breast implant made in the USA. With a low risk of reported key complications, the lowest of any within 10 years of implantation, over 5 million women worldwide have Mentor Breast Implants.

Get the Confidence You Desire With Safe, Sexy Breast Implants From Dr. Rosenstein

We love the natural, youthful, and safe choice of the Mentor breast implants, and we know you will love them too! The MENTOR implant line is exactly what you’ve been searching for – the implant you know can deliver the results you deserve for optimum results. Choose Mentor breast implants, and be your most confident self. Call for your consultation with Dr. Rosenstein for breast augmentation in Boynton Beach today at 561-736-9800.