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While treatments such as Dysport and Restylane rely on injectables to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brow lift cosmetic surgery near Boca Raton offers a more permanent solution for sagging skin. Endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, but some recovery is required afterward.

Most patients experience minimal pain after a brow lift, but your doctor may prescribe a pain medication to make you more comfortable. You will experience some degree of bruising and swelling, and your surgeon may recommend that you apply cold compresses to help reduce these symptoms.

If you and your cosmetic surgeon determine that this procedure is right for you, you will probably be recovering for two to three weeks after your brow lift. It’s common for patients to return to work after about two weeks. Typically, scars from this procedure are not very noticeable, and can often be disguised as natural creases in the skin. You will have at least one follow-up appointment with your surgeon to monitor your healing.