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There are a few sensations and side effects you will probably notice in the first week after your breast augmentation surgery. These feelings are perfectly normal. If you have further concerns, however, then feel to call your plastic surgeon located in Boca Raton for further instructions.


You are likely to feel tightness around your chest for the next few weeks after breast augmentation surgery. Your skin and muscles are reshaping and getting used to your new breast size. This is a normal feeling that should lessen and eventually dissipate over the weeks following your surgery.

Swelling and Bruising

After almost any surgery you are likely to experience swelling and bruising near the incision site. The skin and blood vessels have gone through significant trauma. The body’s reaction is in the form of swelling and bruising. Use an ice pack to minimize swelling.


You may experience backaches for a few different reasons. After breast augmentation, some women tend to curl into their chests, almost as if to protect their breasts. This is incorrect posture and can cause significant backaches. You are most likely sleeping oddly in the first week or more, so your back needs to acclimate to the new position. Backaches also come from the added weight and pressure that can come with breast augmentation. Your body is not yet used to the added size, so your back may be sore as a result.

Difficulty Moving

In the days following your plastic surgery, you may find yourself having difficulty moving around. This is normal and can follow any type of surgery. As your body adjusts, you will find it easier to move and stretch.

Tingles or Sharp Pains

It is normal to experience a tingling sensation or the occasional sharp pain around your nipples and the incision sites. This feeling is attributed to the cut nerves regenerating and reforming around the incisions. The tingling or pain should lessen and stop as the weeks progress.