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For women over age 40, breast enhancement in Delray Beach is rising in popularity. Some older women choose to have breast implants as they see signs of aging, or if they want to reverse the effects of childbearing and breastfeeding. Women who are past childbearing age are often satisfied with their decision to undergo breast augmentation.

Breast Lifts

For women over 40 who are interested in breast implants, a major factor for this procedure is excess skin. In many cases, these patients have extra skin on the breast due to weight loss or childbirth. Your surgeon will need to evaluate your breasts to determine if any extra skin could be detrimental to the aesthetics of your breast implants. If your doctor feels that excess skin could be a problem, he may recommend a breast lift in combination with your breast implants. Women should understand that a breast lift can leave more noticeable scarring than breast augmentation alone.


A common concern for older women who are interested in getting breast implants is whether or not they’ll interfere with their regular mammograms. In many cases, plastic surgeons choose to place the implant beneath the chest muscle. With this type of augmentation, the implant remains separate from the breast gland and should not interfere with the imaging. Patients also wonder if the pressure from a mammogram might displace or rupture their implants. Breast implants are considered to have a shelf life of about 10 years. For implants that have been in place for a while, their outer shell can begin to weaken, which leaves them more vulnerable to leaks and breaks. For a woman that has had implants for over 10 years, a rupture during a mammogram is more likely, but still rare. Women who have breast implants should always alert their mammogram technician beforehand. This allows her to use special techniques while taking the images to prevent the implants from interfering with cancer