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There are many reasons you may be considering breast augmentation, a highly personal decision that should only be made between you and your doctor. Perhaps physical changes from pregnancy or breastfeeding left your breasts looking empty. Maybe disfigurement from surgery, birth defect, or other cause left you feeling like your body betrayed you. Or perhaps you never quite developed as much as you would have liked to, and you’re finally ready to claim your femininity.

Whatever your reason, breast implants can help bring you confidence like you’ve never had before. If you’re considering breast augmentation, we highly recommend MENTOR’s amazing products, MemoryShape® and MemoryGel.®

Similarities Between MemoryShape and MemoryGel Breast Implants

While they each have their own unique features, there are quite a few similarities as well. Of course, as with all implants, they are both designed to improve firmness and fullness. Both silicone breast implants made with MENTOR’s proprietary silicone gel , their fill volume is preset, so you get predictable results. Both products are made to mimic the natural look and feel of breasts, giving you the absolute best results.

MemoryShape and MemoryGel are recommended for women over 22. FDA approved, each comes with an exceptional MENTOR replacement policy, warranty, and extended warranty, so you can trust you’re receiving a safe, quality product. MENTOR’s products are the only silicone implants made right here in the United States!

Differences Between MemoryShape and MemoryGel

MemoryShape implants

MemoryShape implants allow the implant to change the shape of the breast, as opposed to most other implants that allow the breast to shape them. This  breast implant type is teardrop shaped, with a tapered upper pole and fuller projection near the base. Both of these features provide a much more natural, youthful appearance to the silhouette of your breasts.

MemoryGel Implants

MemoryGel implants are available in both smooth and textured surface shells. MemoryGel is available in four profile options which allow you to choose how far your implants will project from the chest wall: classic, moderate plus, high, and ultra high.

Which Breast Implants Will You Choose to Let You Toss the Padded Bras and Boost Your Self-Confidence?

You may have already decided which MENTOR implant will work best for you. But if not, Dr. Rosenstein is here to help guide you through the process! With an extensive consultation to determine your desired results, he will describe each option to you and help you make an informed decision about which MENTOR implants will work best with your body, lifestyle, and other factors we take into account. Call us today at 561-736-9800 to book your consultation for breast implants near West Palm Beach. Be sure to ask about lip implants when you purchase breast augmentation!