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If you are considering breast augmentation to increase your size, you are probably excited to see your results. However, you should know that it does take time before you see the final result. Here is what you need to know about how long it should take for you to see results from your breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale. 

What Does It Feel Like Immediately After a Breast Augmentation?

As soon as your surgery is complete, you will notice a difference, but it is not your final result. The exact sensation will vary immediately after your procedure. However, there are a few general things you can expect. 

Your breasts will likely feel higher on your chest immediately afterward. Your breasts should settle into place within a few months as the swelling goes down and as your muscles adjust. You may also find your breasts appear larger than expected at first due to swelling. 

When Will Final Results Appear? 

Final results from a breast augmentation usually take about three to four months, after which your breasts are properly settled into place. The placement should look more natural and the size of your breasts should no longer be affected by swelling. 

What Affects When You See Results After a Breast Augmentation in Fort Lauderdale?

Several factors can affect both your final look and your healing process. Some implants can be placed above your chest muscles, while others are placed underneath. Implants above the muscles often settle and heal faster. 

Breast implants can be made from a few substances including silicone, saline, and gel. Gel implants usually take the most time to settle. People with less toned muscles also will experience faster settling than those whose muscles are more toned. 

Looking for Beautiful Results From Your Breast Augmentation in Fort Lauderdale? 

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