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There are many reasons we see patients choosing surgery for a breast reduction in Boca Raton. Everyone’s choice is based on their own unique experiences with larger breasts. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of multiple factors that lead to the decision to a reduction mammoplasty.

Here are Top reasons patients give Dr. Rosenstein as a reason to get a breast reduction in Boca Raton.

  1. Self-Confidence – One of the most common reasons for breast reduction surgery is to feel more comfortable and confident. Large breasts can spark feelings of shame and / or embarrassment, especially when other people stare or make jokes. They can make you question whether attention you receive is based on your own merit or on your appearance. When breast size is reduced so it is proportional to your body, you can feel more relaxed in your own skin.
  2. Back and / or Neck Pain – Large breasts put strain on the neck and back muscles, and they can even alter the curvature of the spine. This often results in daily pain that is hard to manage. This condition causes poor posture and can interfere with sleep as well. Trying to find a comfortable sleep position is nearly impossible with large breasts, especially when accompanied by pain. Back and neck pain in addition to sleep disturbances caused by large breasts is eliminated with this surgery.
  3. Discomfort When Exercising – An active lifestyle can be difficult to manage with large breasts. This is not only due to pain but also a result of breasts getting in the way and limiting movement. Trying to find a sports bra that properly fits and supports your breasts only contributes to the inconvenience and frustration of breasts disproportionate to your body size. Physical activity is enjoyable again on your own terms after reduction surgery, allowing you to improve your overall health.

regain your confidence and enjoy a more active, pain- lifestyle with reduction mammoplasty.

You may find yourself considering a breast reduction in Boca Raton due to one of these reasons, several, all, or perhaps one that hasn’t been addressed here. Whatever your reason, it is a personal decision that you should make with your doctor. Call Dr. Rosenstein today at 561-736-9800 for a consultation to learn more about how a reduction mammoplasty can dramatically improve your life!