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Though images idealize larger breasts, the reality is many women are struggling with the downside of having a big bust. Large breasts put a strain on the body, especially the back, and more women are seeking breast reduction surgery to improve their health and reduce pain caused by heavy breast tissue. In addition to these benefits, many women are finding unexpected benefits of breast reduction in West Palm Beach.

Fewer Headaches occur

If you suffer from headaches, breast reduction surgery may help. For some women, the weight of large breasts strains the spine, upper back, and the neck muscles – all of which may lead to headaches. Reducing the strain on the body by removing excess breast tissue may help reduce the frequency of headaches.

More Activity Is Possible after breast reduction in west palm beach

Large breasts can get in the way, making many activities more difficult or less enjoyable. For many women, a breast reduction means an easier time staying active and even trying new activities with ease. Yoga poses lying on the belly, balancing activities like skiing, dancing, and others are easier to do and feel better after your breast reduction in West Palm Beach.

Shopping Is So Much Fun

If you’ve had a hard time finding bras, bathing suits, and shirts that accomodate a disproportionately larger chest, you’re not alone. Many women find shopping to be much more fun after their breast reduction, because, for the first time, they have so many more options available right off the rack. You may find yourself enjoying bra shopping even though you never have before!

Better Self Esteem and Less Depression

Pain and discomfort increase feelings of depression. For many women, the daily pain and muscle strain may be a source of depression or low energy. After surgery, feeling better in your body helps you feel better mentally as well. For many women, they love the way clothing fits after breast reduction and enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction with their body, increasing their self esteem.

Considering a Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach? Choose the Skilled Hands of Dr. Rosenstein

Skilled breast surgeon, Dr. David Rosenstein has decades of experience helping people feel better about their bodies. It’s not a decision to make lightly, so choosing the right doctor is key. If you’re considering breast reduction in West Palm Beach, schedule a consultation to learn more 561-736-9800.