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If you’re electing to have plastic surgery in Palm Beach, taking excellent care of yourself beforehand helps aid your recovery. Before the procedure, take some time to prepare and engage in some pre-surgery pampering. Here are 5 pre-surgery self care tips.

1. Before Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach, Eat a Healthy diet 

Your body heals best when it is well nourished. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables. Not only does healthy food boost your immune system for post-surgery healing, but you’ll feel amazing, too. In the weeks before your surgery, pay extra attention to the quality of your diet.

2. Stop Smoking

In the weeks before surgery, say no to smoking, which has negative effects on the immune system. It affects the body’s natural ability to produce clotting agents and collagen and elastin, which are key to healing. Talk to your doctor, but most recommend quitting smoking a minimum of four weeks before surgery.

3. Refrain from Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol also negatively affects the body, including the immune system. Before your plastic surgery in Palm Beach, alcoholic beverages are a no-no for at least four weeks.

4. Hydrate

Drinking water and staying hydrated are always a good idea. Especially before surgery and after as well, take extra care to make sure you are well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps the body function and heal optimally.

5. Plan Your Recovery Time

Go through your calendar, and block off your recovery time. Cancel any appointments, and set this time aside to focus on healing. Stock up on meals or plan for meal delivery. Consider the things you’ll need for a smooth recovery and get them organized where they easily accessible. You’ll want to be comfortable, so carefully select your recovery wardrobe so it accomodates your post-surgery needs. Select books and movies to keep yourself entertained to enjoy a peaceful recovery.

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