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Dermal filler is one of the most popular types of cosmetic injectables, and for good reason – actually, reasons! It can diminish under-eye circles, make thin lips voluptuous, and fill in sunken cheeks. In fact, with a skilled injector, you can obtain an overall subtle lift to your appearance without complicated facelift surgery. Preparing for treatment isn’t hard, but it’s something you need to take the time to do. If you want outstanding results, take these simple steps to prepare for dermal filler in Boynton Beach.

Please note, your injector should provide you with a full list of pre-filler instructions, which may look different than the following. Be sure to follow their list and use this only as a helpful guide.

1. Be Mindful of Medications

Before you get dermal filler injections, you’ll meet with your provider for a consultation. During this meeting, you’ll have a medical evaluation. 

If you are taking medicines or supplements that thin your blood, you may need to adjust them, though you should only do so under care of the prescribing physician. This is done to minimize bruising, a common side effect of the injections.

2. Avoid Alcohol before dermal filler in Boynton Beach

Alcohol also can increase bruising, as it affects your blood vessels. So, at least 24 hours before your dermal filler treatment, you should skip alcohol and drink plenty of water instead. 

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking also affects your blood vessels and can interfere with your body’s healing process. If you’re a smoker, now is a great time to quit! If you aren’t quitting, at least put them down for a day or two before getting dermal filler. 

4. Some Beauty Treatments Need to Be Temporarily Stopped

Do you bleach, wax, or tweeze the areas that are to be injected with dermal filler? If so, you’ll want to avoid these particular treatments for 48 hours before your injections. If you have a facial or other skincare treatment planned, allow for full healing before getting dermal filler. 

5. Arrive at Your Appointment With a Clean Face

Wash your face as you normally do in the morning, but don’t apply makeup. This is because makeup can get into the injection sites and potentially cause an infection.

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