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More often than not, when we hear “plastic surgery” we think about cosmetic procedures for women. The truth is, men also seek out improvements through cosmetic surgery too. If you’re interested in plastic surgery for men in Delray Beach, this quick guide to finding the best provider is just what you need!

1. Verify Surgeon Credentials When Considering Plastic Surgery for Men in Delray Beach

No matter how you start your search, whether it be through friends or a referral from a healthcare provider, you should never choose a plastic surgeon who is not board certified. Your surgeon should have a well-established practice and years of experience. 

Pay attention to their success rate as well, especially for the particular type of surgery you are interested in, whether that be a facelift, rhinoplasty, or other procedure. A good way to judge their aesthetic style is to look at their before-and-after photos.

2. Find Out What Their Patients Have to Say

Online reviews and testimonials are helpful when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. You can usually find reviews on a surgeon’s website. You can also check out their social media pages and reputable third-party review sites. You can gain a lot of insight by reading about the experiences of other patients.

3. Schedule a Consultation

It’s important you feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon you choose, and a consultation is a great way to determine that. During this visit, be honest and communicate clearly your goals and expectations. It’s important to be transparent about your medical history and health conditions too. 

Take advantage of this meeting to ask about the procedure(s) you’re interested in. You can also ask about their experience with that particular type of surgery, their success rates, pricing, and about other helpful information on which to base your decision of provider.

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If you are searching for an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon for men who provides the highest level of care, choose Dr. David Rosentein. For decades, he has dedicated his career to making sure his patients not only feel safe but also achieve amazing plastic surgery results. Contact us at 561-736-9800 to book your consultation with Dr. Rosenstein today!