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Cosmetic surgery isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Neither is choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Make sure you follow these tips, and you’ll find the greatest Boca Raton cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, whether it be a mini facelift or a Mommy makeover including a full tummy tuck!

1. Board Certification Is a Must for a Cosmetic Surgeon in Boca Raton

Never seek the services of a cosmetic surgeon who is not board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification tells you your surgeon adheres to the highest standards of medical and safety practices. It also means they’ve received the proper education and training needed to successfully perform plastic surgery

2. Ask About Their Experience

It’s a smart idea to ask about your cosmetic surgeon’s experience in the procedures in which you’re interested. Find out how many procedures they’ve successfully completed. 

3. Talk With People You Trust

Your friends, family, and / or primary care provider should be your first go-to sources for referrals. Trust them to steer you towards a qualified and dependable Boca Raton cosmetic surgeon. 

4. Read Cosmetic Surgeon in Boca Raton Reviews

Most surgeons have patient testimonials on their website. If not, check social media pages. People get chatty online when it comes to medical services, so you’ll likely gain a lot of insight. 

5. Ask to See Before / After Photos

A good way to get a sense of your cosmetic surgeon’s aesthetic style is to see before / after photos of patients who have had the procedure you want. Ask to see photos of people who have the same body / face type as you if possible. 

6. Book Your Consultation

This is a key step towards cosmetic surgery. You’ll share your aesthetic goals with your surgeon and create a plan to reach them. You’ll also get a sense of how you feel in the environment. Do you feel welcome? Are you comfortable speaking openly to your surgeon? Was the staff friendly? You should feel safe with the provider and appreciate their communication style.

Good News! Your Search for the Top Cosmetic Surgeon in Boca Raton Is Over! 

Choosing Dr. David Rosenstein means you’ve chosen a cosmetic surgeon with a dedication to a safe and successful outcome. Count on truly being heard and understood, and know you’ll get the highest quality, compassionate care. Contact us at 561-736-9800 to book your consultation today!