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Botox is one of the safest, most effective, and least expensive choices you have when it comes to plumping your lips for an extended period of time without implants. It’s similar to lip fillers only in that it’s a non-surgical cosmetic injectable. But, the similarities stop there, and it’s much better than fillers. So, just what is a Botox lip flip? Here’s the scoop!

What Exactly Is the Botox Lip Flip, Anyway?

First, you should understand what it is. The Botox lip flip is used to define the upper lip and give it a fuller looking appearance. The Botox lip flip typically involves four to six units of Botox injected near the top of the lips at the cupid’s bow and around the corners of the mouth. Doing this will relax the muscles and cause the upper lip to curl outward or “flip,” producing a defined, fuller appearance. It also can help eliminate the appearance of a gummy smile if that is one of your aesthetic concerns.

What Makes a lip flip better than dermal fillers for lips?

Not only are there less side effects associated with a flip, but it takes less time and the results can look more natural. This is why many people opt for this option over filler injections.

What’s Next? A Simple Phone Call to the top botox injector in Delray Beach

It’s important to find a Botox provider that will work with you and determine a customized treatment plan to give you the magical results you’ve been searching for, and Dr. Rosenstein does just that. This is why more people in South Florida turn to him for Botox lip flips and so many other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help them look their very best and feel their most confident!

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