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Each person deserves to feel beautiful. Some people are happy with how they look, while others want to redefine their own beauty. If you find it hard to accept your stubborn belly fat or protruding tummy, you can consider opting for a tummy tuck procedure. If you’re planning on getting a tummy tuck in Boca Raton, here are a few things you must consider.

Tummy Tuck Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

One of the most important things that you must know about a tummy tuck procedure is that it’s not a weight-loss procedure. It’s simply a cosmetic surgery that’ll help your abdomen area look tighter and firmer. The aim is to tighten the layers of your skin, not remove fat deposits on your body.

Doctors recommend reaching your ideal weight, or close to it, before opting for a tummy tuck procedure. You should aim to be 10 to 15 pounds away from your ideal weight. This way, your body will have a great contoured appearance. The procedure will not have the desired results if you have a lot of excess weight.

Don’t Get a Tummy Tuck before Pregnancy

You shouldn’t get the procedure done if you plan on having more children. This is because the skin on your stomach area will get loose during pregnancy, reversing the effects of the tummy tuck in the process. If you don’t plan on having children at all, then you can get the procedure whenever you like.

A Tummy Tuck Will Leave a Scar

Even if you get a tummy tuck from a seasoned surgeon, the scar from the incision will remain. That said, it will get a lot less visible after some time. When you get a tummy tuck in Boca Raton from a good surgeon, they will ensure that the scarring is not too visible.

The Recovery Period Is Fairly Long

The recovery period is fairly long for this procedure. For the first few weeks, you’ll have to get a lot of rest. This means that you should avoid strenuous physical activity and avoid lifting heavy things (including children).

You will also feel moderate pain for the first weeks after the tummy tuck. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help you deal with pain. Also, you can expect there to be swelling along your scar for some time. If you continue to experience swelling in your stomach area months after the procedure, consult your doctor to avoid any further complications. You can expect a full recovery a year after you have received the tummy tuck.

A Tummy Tuck Is Expensive

Getting a tummy tuck can be a bit heavy on your wallet. Other than the procedure itself, you’ll have to pay the hospital costs, the surgeon’s fee, the cost of each medical test, and the costs of prescribed medication. Make sure that all of this is within your budget before you opt for the procedure.


Even though a tummy tuck in Boca Raton can be expensive, you can be sure that its effects will make you feel more confident over time. And you can’t put a price on that! If you’re looking for effective ways to redefine your beauty, you can check out our website. We also offer consultations, so that you’re not left in the dark.