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Breast reduction surgery is life changing, especially if you’ve sought the surgery to improve the back and neck pain that often results from heavy breast tissue. After surgery, you’ll enjoy smaller, lighter breasts right away but as with any surgery, recovery takes time. In about 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll likely be back to normal activities, but it’s important to remember that the subtle healing from breast reduction in Palm Beach may take much longer. 

For a smooth recovery and optimal results, it’s important to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions both before and after surgery. Here are some tips for an optimal recovery.

Taking Care of Yourself The First Day and Week

Rest is the most important part of healing. You’ll return home tired and your surgical areas bandaged. Plan to spend time resting and taking the week off from any activity. Follow your doctor’s instructions for incision care, medication, and activity. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids, and take care of yourself gently, avoiding any strenuous activity. Putting time into recovery allows your body to heal optimally, giving you the best results. 

Beyond The First Week After Breast Reduction in Palm Beach

During the month following surgery and beyond, you’ll begin to feel more like yourself and enjoy less pain and swelling. It’s important to continue to take care of yourself and realize that your body is still working hard to heal. How well your scars heal and how your breasts ultimately look after your breast reduction in Palm Beach depends on the steps you take during your recovery. 


  • Return to Activity Slowly After A Breast Reduction in Palm Beach


During the first week after surgery, activity should be limited to gentle walks. Wait for your doctor to give you the okay to return to regular activities. Most patients resume exercise activities a month or so after surgery. 


  • Minimize Swelling by Wearing The Right Bra and by Reclining and Sleeping in The Right Positions


Swelling is normal following surgery but the way you take care of yourself minimizes any additional swelling. First, you’ll want to wear the right kind of bra, a soft and supportive bra to wear day and night once the bandages are removed. In the months following surgery, it is important to continue to wear the recommended bra and avoid underwire and other bras that irritate the healing incisions. 


Keeping the chest elevated helps reduce swelling in the weeks following surgery. When sleeping, avoid lying flat. Prop yourself up with pillows, so your chest remains slightly elevated. During the day, when sitting, sit up in a chair or use a recliner to keep the chest elevated. 

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