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Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for you is a personal choice. And the right one makes a big difference in your satisfaction with the results. It’s so important to choose a board-certified surgeon with experience. And not just any experience, but experience in the procedure you want. Cosmetic surgery is also an art, and so you need to choose one who produces results that you love! Also, make sure the doctor and the entire team is equipped with an excellent bedside manner.

How can you tell if your choice is a great cosmetic surgeon in Boynton Beach? Here’s what to look for.

Experience and Credentials

Select a surgeon with years of experience in the procedure you’re considering, such as breast implants. This way, you are assured your doctor is familiar with the procedure and likely has good results. A great cosmetic surgeon in Boynton Beach is also board certified. Check your surgeon’s credentials, as well as those of the facility to ensure you’re getting the best in care. 


Get recommendations from people you trust. Read the patient testimonials and reviews of any surgeon you’re considering. 


Consider the education of the doctor. Pick a doctor committed to continuing education that keeps up with the latest innovations in procedures and care. You want the best that today’s medical advances have to offer!

Artistic Style

Your body and your style are uniquely yours. A great cosmetic surgeon in Boynton Beach practices the art of cosmetic surgery and creates a detailed plan with you to make sure your results are tailored to meet your goals. Look at before and after pictures to get a feel for the surgeon’s style and ability. Keep in mind it’s such an individual choice, your BFF may love her surgeon’s style, but do you? Talk to your surgeon about aesthetics, so you get the results you desire!

Bedside Manner and Excellent Care

It is so important to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable. A great doctor-patient relationship means better communication and optimal results. You’ll feel more confident about your surgery and recovery if you choose a doctor you trust and can easily talk to – about goals, concerns and questions.

A Great Cosmetic Surgeon in Boynton Beach Practices As An Art!

If you’re looking for a great cosmetic surgeon in Boynton Beach, look no further than David Rosenstein, MD. Dr. Rosenstein takes a personalized approach to all cosmetic procedures and takes pride in his works of art.  With over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Rosenstein has performed countless successful surgeries to help men and women look and feel their best. He has the knowledge and hands-on expertise you can count on to help you achieve goals to look naturally more youthful. Call us today at 561-736-9800 to book a consultation.