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In the ever-growing world of cosmetic surgery, there are countless ways to enhance and alter your appearance and fight the signs of aging. Being one of the most popular surgeries, and rightfully so, a facelift is the perfect facial rejuvenation tool. Here’s what you need to know about receiving a facelift in Delray Beach!

What Is a Facelift? Would I Benefit From One?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery designed to counteract the effects of aging and provide a lift to your face and neck. This procedure is highly beneficial to those wishing to minimize the sagging in their skin, jowls, fat that has fallen or disappeared, or deepened lines in the nose / corners of the mouth.

A facelift is capable of removing excess skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and tightening your facial tissue, giving your face a more sculpted, lifted appearance. This offers a youthful look to candidates who are in overall good health, don’t smoke, and have realistic expectations.

How Much Downtime Should I Expect?

Everyone’s recovery needs and speeds are different, and your surgeon will honor that. Expect the normal swelling and bruising after your surgery. Your doctor will prescribe you pain medication to manage discomfort. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines and aftercare instructions closely for a quicker, smoother healing process.

It’ll take about two weeks before you’re approved to resume standard daily activity and about four weeks to pick up strenuous activity, such as exercise. As swelling goes down, you’ll begin to see and feel a difference in your appearance.

But, it can take several months to fully heal and have your skin feel “normal.” Be patient with yourself and your healing as your results will be well worth it.

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