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YES, NeoGraft for hair restoration in Delray Beach, and many women and men are finding it to be an excellent solution to hair loss. No longer are people feeling self-conscious about their lack of hair, thinning hair, or bald spots! NeoGraft hair transplants allow you to grow your own hair where you want it. Here are just a few reasons why more people are choosing this amazing way to redistribute hair and bring their sexy back!

1. NeoGraft is minimally invasive.

The procedure utilizes an innovative technology that extracts hair from your own hair follicles, which is then transplanted to areas where you are experiencing hair loss. Hair is harvested with a small handheld tool in very small amounts to reduce issues associated with other transplant methods.

2. NeoGraft hair restoration doesn’t cause linear scarring.

Unlike other hair restoration procedures, NeoGraft doesn’t require stitches, and there are no visible lines left behind at all. You’ll never be able to tell where the transplanted hair was taken from.

3. Results from NeoGraft hair restoration in Delray Beach look natural.

No, you won’t look like you’re wearing a toupée or have odd hair growth. With this procedure, you achieve natural-looking results. Since it is your own hair and it is taken from discreet areas, no one will ever even know that you had it done. They’ll only notice how much better you look overall!

4. With NeoGraft, most patients experience a very quick recovery.

Compared to other transplant methods, NeoGraft recovery time is short. Most patients can return to work the day after their procedure. You can resume normal activities, including exercise, within 48 hours. Keep in mind that it may take up to 10 days after the transplant for scabs to form over the area and disappear, so make plans according if you wish to avoid people seeing you during this phase.

5. Results from neograft hair restoration in boynton beach are noticeable in as little as three months.

While full desired results may take nine months or a bit longer to achieve after your successful procedure, you will start to notice improvement after just a few short months.

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