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Many plastic surgeons offer cosmetic procedures in their practices, and there are many skilled, well-trained cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Knowing the differences can help you understand each surgeon’s qualifications and experience if you are searching for one in South Florida. So, what are the differences between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in West Palm Beach?

What Is Cosmetic Surgery in West Palm Beach?

Cosmetic surgery involves procedures that are elective and are strictly designed to enhance the appearance. Cosmetic surgery doesn’t affect function but deals specifically with aesthetics to the face, neck, and body.

Popular options include:

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery focuses on reconstructive procedures to restore physical structures after they’ve been altered by injuries or illness, or they provide a normal appearance to eliminate congenital abnormalities. Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery is not merely an elective process for changing a person’s appearance, though it can be done at the same time for patients who desire to do so.

There are procedures such as rhinoplasty that can be used to improve nasal function while also correcting aesthetic concerns.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic Surgery: Are They Covered by Insurance?

Plastic surgery may be covered by insurance if it is considered reconstructive or medically necessary. However, cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery and not covered by insurance.

How Do You Choose Between the Two Types of Surgeons?

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons hold different certifications. Both surgeons go to medical school and undergo rigorous training, but you want to choose the one who’s properly trained in the type of procedure you need. Cosmetic surgeons should be specialty trained in the type of procedures they offer, and so should a plastic surgeon.

Your particular wants and needs will determine how you choose whether you elect to visit a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon, or a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic treatments. Many surgeons take on specialized practices, so you want to do your research and find the right match.

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