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Laser hair removal (LHR) is back at our office, and better than ever! We now offer LHR with the high-speed GentleMax® Pro, a cutting-edge machine designed to quickly, efficiently deliver more power in each zap. GentleMax offers high performance laser hair removal without skin damage common to shaving and waxing, such as painful / itchy rashes, bleeding, and ingrown hairs. Using a multi-wavelength system, GentleMax delivers unparalleled speed and efficacy to eliminate unwanted hair growth in the treated area(s).

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal With GentleMax From Dr. Rosenstein

GentleMax is THE gold standard when it comes to laser hair removal. In as little as four treatments, you can achieve permanent hair- areas. Men no longer have to feel self-conscious about patchy hair growth on their backs, and women enjoy shorts weather without shaving or wondering if anyone will notice that there was no time to shave before an event.

Here’s why we only use GentleMax:

  • GentleMax doesn’t require numbing creams or gels; as the name implies it is very gentle, especially when compared to other LHR methods.
  • It is FDA cleared and safe for the treatment of unwanted body hair.
  • It treats any size area, from the underarms to large areas such as the back or legs. It can be used on the face and neck, arms and legs, chest, back, and bikini line. 
  • Tissues in the treated area remain unharmed; GentleMax precisely targets only hair follicles.
  • Unlike other hair removal methods, GentleMax works on all skin complexions and hair colors.

What to Expect During GentleMax Hair Removal

During your treatment, the handpiece emits intense light beams that are absorbed by hair follicles in the treated area. The light is converted to heat, damaging the follicle to prevent further growth. The treatment is gentle, though you may experience mild discomfort that feels like a small pinch. Because GentleMax is so powerful, your treatment may be over in as little as five minutes, depending on the treated area. For larger areas, such as the back, it may take up to an hour. Mild redness and / or swelling may occur afterward, and you can add a cold compress to the area for relief.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Razor Burn or Painful Waxing? Book Laser Hair Removal Today!

If you’re ready to take the first step into a new hair- , care- lifestyle, from razors, waxing, and messy hair removal creams, call Dr. Rosenstein today at (561) 736-9800 for your consultation. 

For a limited time only, book three laser hair removal sessions for a small area for just $300! For this special offer, you must schedule your appointments on 9/27/19, 11/15/19, and 1/10/20.