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Men looking for a plastic surgeon located in Boca Raton should be prepared to ask several questions before choosing a doctor. The results of your procedure are ones that you are likely to live with for years, if not for the rest of your life, so carefully choosing your surgeon is essential. Successful cosmetic surgery can improve your confidence and make you feel more like yourself, but unsuccessful ones can lead to frustration and additional costs.

Is the plastic surgeon board certified?

It’s vital for patients to realize that although a doctor is listed on a state medical board, he or she may not be trained in the procedure that you’re considering. Find out if your potential plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. This will help you separate general surgeons from those specifically trained in plastics.

Is the plastic surgeon experienced in the procedure that I want?

While being board certified in cosmetic surgery is a good start, there are subspecialties within the field. Your plastic surgeon should have experience and training in the particular procedure that you want. For example, a cosmetic surgeon who is familiar with breast augmentations or breast lifts may not be experienced with procedures that involve cartilage and bone, which is essential for a successful nose augmentation. Ask your potential surgeon about their training in the cosmetic procedure, as well as how long and how many times they have been performed it.

Does the plastic surgeon consistently provide the results that I want?

Once you have found surgeons that are board certified and have experience with the procedure that you’re interested in, you’ll be ready to compare the results that each one provides. First, examine the area of your body that you would like to change, and take a picture of yourself for reference. Next, look for before pictures of patients that resemble your appearance, and then see which doctors provided the results that you want. At this point, candidates who consistently provide your ideal results should be excellent choices for your plastic surgeon.