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Do you have a mole or beauty mark you’d like to have removed? A non-concerning mole, or raised area on the skin, may be safely removed if it bothers you or affects your appearance. If you’re removing a mole for aesthetic reasons, here’s why mole removal in Palm Beach should be done by a cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgeons Specialize in Aesthetics

For moles, especially on the face or other visible area, cosmetic surgeons are pros when it comes to making things look good. Using their aesthetic training, they know effective strategies to remove a mole with minimal scarring or the best way to hide any scarring. To remove an unsightly or bothersome mole and have beautiful results, choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

There Are Removal Options

Your cosmetic surgeon helps you determine the best removal option for your mole and aesthetic goals. Common options include excision of the mole to remove the full length of it. Laser removal may be an option for flat moles and can effectively remove the pigmentation of the area. For some moles, shaving, or using a scalpel to remove the mole and cauterize the area is the best method. 

You Can Combine Mole Removal with Other Aesthetic Treatments

Having mole removal in Palm Beach done by a cosmetic surgeon allows you the option of combining the procedure with another cosmetic treatment. Rather than going to different specialists for two separate procedures, consider getting both treatments at the same time. Cosmetic surgeons offer many rejuvenating procedures from surgical to non-surgical, so if there is something on your wishlist, talk to your cosmetic surgeon.

For Outstandin Mole Removal in Palm Beach, Turn to the Expert Hands of Dr. David Rosenstein

Dr. Rosenstein has decades of experience in cosmetic surgery. He combines his innate talent and vast experience to deliver beautiful results for his patients. If you have a mole or beauty mark, visit us for a consultation to learn more about removal. Call us today to schedule at 561-736-9800 to learn more about how we can help improve your aesthetic!