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If submental fullness is a concern, Kybella is the answer. What’s submental fullness? If you’re not a cosmetic surgeon, then you probably refer to it as double chin. And Kybella is a safe, effective way to eliminate double chin. Permanently! Read on if you’re interested in learning more about Kybella in Boynton Beach.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a highly popular cosmetic injectable that busts fat under the chin. The active substance is a synthetic acid modeled after one found naturally in our bodies that digests fat cells. Once injected, Kybella dissolves fat cell membranes, allowing the body to naturally eliminate it. The number of treatments you need depends on your personal aesthetic goals and recommendations of your doctor.

What Are the Benefits of Kybella?

There are many benefits to choosing this treatment to treat fat under the chin. Here are just a few.

  • Fewer risks: Due to being minimally invasive, this non-surgical option carries fewer risks than surgical procedures.
  • Permanent results: While the results take time as the fat cells are destroyed and then eliminated by the body, they are permanent. 
  • Improved appearance: Kybella enhances your self-esteem. Feeling better about your visual appearance is a huge boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

How Do I Choose A Doctor Who Provides Kybella in Boynton Beach?

Select a doctor with experience and success providing Kybella treatments. Research the doctor, and read patient reviews. Ultimately, you want to find a doctor who listens to your needs and has the experience to get you the best results. 

For beautiful results, choose Kybella in Boynton Beach. The office of David Rosenstein MD, takes a personalized approach to all procedures. With 20 years of comprehensive plastic surgery experience, Dr. Rosenstein has performed countless procedures on patients of all ages. He has the knowledge and hands-on expertise you can count on to help you achieve goals to look healthy, natural, and more youthful. We listen to our patients and work to develop a detailed plan. To learn more about Kybella in Boynton Beach or to schedule a , in-depth consultation, call 561-736-9800.