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There are a few things in life that are absolutely inevitable, and aging is one of them. Fine lines and wrinkles that go hand in hand with getting older are especially noticeable on your face, first appearing in all the places that move when you express emotion. Laugh lines around your mouth, crows feet around your eyes, and wrinkles in your forehead all make you look older. But, you can’t just stop expressing yourself just to slow down the natural process of aging, right?!

Also, as you age and your skin loses its elasticity, it begins to sag. For some of us, these signs of aging show up early, and we already begin to see the fine lines and wrinkles on our faces in our 20s. If this is you, you may be wondering if you are too young to get help reducing wrinkles and lines in your face. Or perhaps the signs haven’t started creeping in yet, but you want to delay them as long as possible. Cosmetic injections such as Dysport® can help to stop wrinkles in their tracks, both as a preventive measure and as a treatment after they appear.

What is Dysport?

Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) is a prescription injection made specifically to address moderate to severe lines that form between your eyebrows, known as glabellar lines, by blocking nerve activity in the muscles. It does not have any effect on the rest of your face and does not make you look unnatural. Oftentimes, injections are thought of as leaving one with a frozen look, but Dysport will never leave you unable to express your emotions.

How young is too young for Dysport?

Dysport is intended for use in people under 65 years of age, but how young is too young to get started using it? People as young as 20 have used Dysport with wonderful results. In fact, those who begin using Dysport early often find they maintain a much more youthful appearance as they age versus those who wait until they are older to begin treatments. So if you still have the advantage of youth on your side and already noticing lines, it is no problem to begin using Dysport now.

How often should you come back for cosmetic injections?

To maintain results, follow up treatments are necessary. Dysport can last for up to four months before you need another treatment, although you can do it sooner for improved results.

Reduce or prevent the signs of aging with Dysport injections from Dr. Rosenstein.

Whether you are in your 20s or are already in your 60s, Dysport can help you achieve a more youthful look. Dr. Rosenstein can help you look your best with cosmetic injections and other treatments that compliment the use of Dysport, helping turn back the hands of time when it comes to your appearance. Call us today at 561-736-9800 to schedule your appointment for Dysport injections in Boynton Beach.