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It seems like after summer is over, you blink and the holiday season is here! Time to grab some eggnog, sip some apple cider, and think about decorations and gifts. What you do not need to stress about is how you are going to look in the many pictures that are sure to be taken when you are attending various work and social functions or getting together with your family. You do not have to hope those crows’ feet will magically disappear or that no one is going to notice your blotchy skin. There are many options you can look at now to make yourself look your best for the holiday season. And there is no better time than now to be proactive with your anti-aging skincare regime.


  • Dysport and Dermal Filler Injectables 


If you are looking for a quick fix on frown lines or crows feet, then cosmetic injectables are the way to go. They are non-invasive and some offer immediate results. You can also mix and match different injectables at the same time to maximize your results and target various areas of your face.

Dysport is made from the bacterium Botulinum toxin. Dysport is best used for glabella lines, which are the lines that form between your eyebrows on your forehead. Using Dysport with one of our many dermal filler options, such as Restylane, can dramatically improve your results. 

A dermal filler is exactly what it sounds like. It is a soft tissue filler injected into areas to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A dermal filler can also be used to give you fuller lips. We have many different dermal fillers to choose from, including Restylane and Versa, so we can help you decide on the best combination to address your specific issues. 


  • Microneedling with PRP


Microneedling is a facial rejuvenation procedure utilizing an FDA approved device that features tiny micro-needles. These micro-needles are rolled over your face, creating small puncture wounds. This stimulates your body’s natural healing process, producing collagen. This increased collagen production can reduce wrinkles and also reduce the appearance of acne scars on your face. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is done by drawing your blood, usually from your arm, and then placing it in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells from platelets. These platelets are then added back into your skin. PRP is normally used with microneedling because the small wounds created by microneedling allow the PRP to be better absorbed. PRP promotes faster healing, and some studies show it increases the reduction of acne scars when combined with microneedling in comparison to microneedling alone.


  • ThermiTight


Do you have loose or sagging skin on your body that you find embarrassing? You do not need to have an invasive procedure done to get rid of it. You can have a simple procedure called ThermiTight done to remove loose skin on your face, neck, breasts, and other areas of your body. 

ThermiTight, a minimally invasive procedure, is performed by using a local anesthetic in the area, or areas, you want to be treated. A small probe is then placed under the skin that emits radio frequencies into subdermal tissues. These radio frequencies cause the subdermal tissues to become more compact, therefore tightening up the skin. After just one treatment, sagging, wrinkling skin on the neck, abdomen, thighs, and other stubborn areas are gone forever!


  • New Skin Regime


They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevent wrinkles and age spots from forming by setting up a new skincare regime. This is also important if you are having any cosmetic treatments such as microneedling done, as you want to prolong the results as long as possible.

Our trained staff can help you design a skincare regime that is tailored to your personal skin type and your needs. This can help you to have more youthful-looking skin and also reduce issues with acne. 


  • Senté


Senté is specialized skincare that is designed to take hydrating your skin to a whole new level. Senté contains heparan sulfate analog (HSA) technology. HSA is bioengineered to promote skin hydration, thereby diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving skin tone. Senté products contain green tea, Vitamins C and E, matrix building peptides, retinoids, and alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Their scientifically proven formulas reduces redness in the skin, build collagen, and also promote cell renewal.

Get Your Youthful Glow Back With Cosmetic Services From Dr. Rosenstein

When it’s time for holiday get-togethers, there’s no need to worry about aging skin! Our professional staff is here to help you pick the best combination of cosmetic skincare treatments to achieve your beauty goals. Whether you are worried about wrinkles, acne scarring, or other skin concerns, we have a treatment that will help you. Call us today at 561-736-9800 to schedule your consultation for cosmetic procedures including ThermiTight in Boynton Beach.